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Democratically controlled since 2018

The Local Farm Cooperative was incorporated as a cooperative business in 2018 & is located in the Mill Village neighborhood of Selma, AL (at 300 ½ Wheeler Ave.). It is organized using cooperative economics, namely shared/democratic ownership & democratic control, & is committed to local food & fighting the general & racial wealth gaps.

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Built on the belief that a strong community requires strong relationships, The Local Farm Cooperative is dedicated to creating an alternative economy that:

  • serves people

  • values the importance of labor

  • and is informed and lead by individuals directly impacted by white supremacy, systemic violence, and inequity in the United States.

By using a combination of "traditional" agriculture and indigenous, permaculture practices, the Local Farm Cooperative emphasizes the connection to the planet that we all share and the connection to one another. In creating an awareness of the food cycle, sharing skills, and connecting neighbors, the cooperative also aims to reduce occurrences of malnutrition and physical violence.


A labor of love & commitment, including gifts of time, treasure & talent by plenty of folks.

The Local Farm Cooperative is possible because of the time, dedication, and generosity of everyday people who are invested in their community. To learn more about the people that help make it happen check out OUR PEOPLE.

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