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Northeastern Illinois University Was in the House!...or, on the Farm!

You know what we love about March? Spring Break!

But maybe not for the reasons you are thinking.

Did you know that the Selma Center for Nonviolence, Truth, and Reconciliation has an Alternative Spring Break program for college students? Because it does. Students from all around the country can plan a trip to Selma, AL to learn about the history, connect with the culture, and offer their service to support the projects and the people that live here.

Remember last week when we posted about getting visited by University of North Carolina and Virginia Tech? Well, IT HAPPENED AGAIN!

This time it was with the students from Northeastern Illinois University near/in Chicago. They came, they saw, they conquered.

Us: You cool with finishing weeding out the hoop house?

Them: “No problem”.

Us: Can you give us a hand and help moving those things?

Them: “Yeah, sure”.

Us: Want us to power through the rest of the soil turning for the back plot before you leave?

Them: “Hold my beer”. (there was no beer for the record)

It was truly a great day. And! They even chose to spend time during the SEVEN HOURS that they volunteered with us, to have an intentional conversation about food justice, and the work the local is a part of with Hunger Free Alabama. We spoke about Pandemic EBT, Untaxed Groceries, and the Cleveland Model among other things.

We really hope they decide to come back again!

If you or anyone you know would like to plan a trip for you or your group, contact us at the farm at, or contact the Alternative Break program coordinator Carolyn Pickett at

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